Tuesday, April 10, 2012

...Breast Cancer...

What a horrible horrible disease. In the past year and a half, my family has been plagues with breast cancer. My cute cousin who took all my beautiful wedding pictures was diagnosed the beginning of last year. Its been a hard year for her. Now, a year later, my sweet grandma, my mom's mom, has been diagnosed. She was informed that she had cancer in both sides of her breasts, and unfortunately they were both different types. Multiple doctors told her that it would be a long, tough road for her. Last week she had her surgery. The surgery that seems to be dehumanizing to so many women. Double mastectomy. My poor grandma. She was putting on such a brave face for everyone, but we could all tell that she was scared. We all were. This is something you never ever want to go through, you never want anyone to go through. After what seemed like forever the doctors informed everyone that her surgery was successful and they are 90% sure it is all out and she will not need chemo. SUCH A RELIEF!!! My mom said my grandpa just cried and said how happy he was. Such a special love those 2 have for each other.
Even though my grandma and my cousin have been able to recover, so far, I have decided to make and sell breast cancer wreaths. To help spread the love for those suffering. We all need to be aware that this can happen to any of us. I'm in the process of making my own website to buy the wreaths, but for now, anyone who is interested is more than welcome to email me and we can arrange it! crazyheartdecor@gmail.com