Friday, December 10, 2010


So....we are having a baby boy! And I am so unbelievably excited. Naming him has not been the easiest process. Jeremy is a very special kind of person and that means that he cant like just any normal name. Oh no that would have been too easy for him to do.
Before we knew what we are having the name game was not a fun thing for us to play. We could talk about girl names like it was nothing and we easily agreed on a name for a potential daughter. BUT when the boy name topic came up tempers flared. We could not agree on even one name. We would get in screaming door slamming fights over this!! Finally we agreed to not even talk about it until we knew. But the damage had been done, at least I thought. I was starting to dread finding out if it was a boy. I knew the long road that would be ahead of us if it happened to be a boy. I almost had convinced myself that Heavenly Father wouldn't make me go through that. Ha ha. That was a bit dramatic of me to think.
Lets maybe take a minute to discuss the ABNORMAL names that Jeremy was adamant on naming our son :].
1. Dean
2. Samuel
3. Jensen
4. Jarod
5. Titan
6. Leonidas
Now, yes the first 4 names SEEM like they are normal enough and there shouldn't be anything to complain about. Which, is true, HOWEVER!!, the only reason Jeremy even likes those first 4 names is because they are characters on his favorite show Supernatural. Dean is a character and Jensen is his name in real life. Samuel is Deans brother on the show and Jarod is Sam's real name. It would seem that hes a slight bit obsessed.
Titan was my fault. My friend Whitney and I were making fun of dumb names people choose and Titan was mentioned so I told Jeremy thinking he would make fun of the name with me. Big mistake. He loved it. And Leonidas! AH what do you even say to a name like that?! He got it off the movie 300 and he said any kid named Leonidas is bound to be the coolest kid at school. He was dead serious about it too. He researched it, made me watch the movie with him and everything. So needless to say, I was dreading the thought of having a boy and having to name him Leonidas!!
BUT, thank goodness, we were able to agree on a name. We are going to name our sweet little guy Kouper Dean. I know everyone has their opinion on the way we are spelling his name, but I don't care what they think :]
We are so excited for him to get his little active body here!!